How shouldn’t you apply hair mask?

How shouldn’t you apply hair mask?

Hair mask is this type of cosmetic, which can truly help your hair. So, there is no sense in incompetent application. If you want your hair and scalp to be nourished and strengthened then perform treatment the way it should be done and in the meantime find out how you shouldn’t apply hair mask. Perhaps you’ll warn your friend against those mistakes.

Rule number one. You should never apply hair mask on unwashed scalp. Nourishing ingredients won’t be able to get into inner structures of strands and nourish them. What is more, dirt, dust and sebum will combine with hair mask and cover scalp and hair with an unpleasant layer. So, remember to wash your hair and scalp before each application of hair mask.

Rule number two. Do not apply hair mask on very wet or soaking wet hair. It won’t have any sense, because cosmetic will be washed of hair, and won’t be able to even reach hair surface. It is like if you would buy a cosmetic and immediately after that throw it away. Remember, to dry hair with paper towel before application of hair mask.

Rule number three. Don’t overdo with the amount of hair mask. You probably think that the more cosmetic you’ll apply the better. Nothing more wrong than that. Hair will absorb exactly as much of product as they need and the rest of it will be wasted. In hair stylists world there is this rule, which says that the amount of product necessary for hair care is a size of a walnut. It is not a lot, but enough.

Rule number four. Treatment won’t work if you won’t put on a plastic bag or a towel. Under such turban will create heat, which will improve absorption of nourishing ingredients and accelerate effects of treatment. You can buy plastic cap online or in the shop with accessories and hairdresser’s cosmetics. Treatment also won’t work if you won’t follow directions recommended by manufacturer or you rinse hair mask too quickly than it was indicated on the packaging.

Rule number five. Hair mask needs to be thoroughly rinsed. Otherwise, hair and scalp will be greasy. Remember, that you have to use warm water for wash and cold for rinse. Only this way you can seal hair cuticles, which were raised from the hair shaft.