Hair mask vs. hair conditioner – Which one should you choose?

Hair mask vs. hair conditioner – Which one should you choose?

You are standing in front of difficult choice of hair care product and it turns out that you don’t know which way you should turn. The amount of products available on our market does not make it easier. You can choose out of shampoos, conditioners, serums, lotions, oils, balms and hair masks. Which one should you choose? Most commonly the choice is conditioner or hair mask. What is the difference? Which to choose?

Someone said those wise word about hair conditioners: “Use of hair mask is like eating full-bodied meal, and use of hair conditioner is like make-up. Hair mask will beautify from inside out, and conditioner only on the surface”. That is very true.

It is rare for hair to look perfect in every way. There are always some wild streaks or that unaesthetic curled strand or one side of hair style flat. In fact, only children have great hair, which do not need additional conditioning. Only in the puberty this time of bliss ends and hair start to require more attention.

There appears a question – what to choose? Hair mask or hair conditioner? You usually decide to go with the second option, because its cheaper, more universal and you are just more familiar with it. You don’t know how hair mask works so you exclude it from the range of your interest. So what is the difference between hair mask and hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner is to condition hair. Hair mask is to nourish hair. Main task of hair conditioners is hair conditioning – nourishment, strengthening and protection against damages. They always have to match hair type and its needs. Hair mask has not so superficial properties. It penetrates deep into hair and skin structures and reaches follicles to provide deep nourishment. It nourishes, moisturises, regenerates and provides softening.

Significant difference can be observed in a method of application. Hair mask is always applied before hair wash, often on dry hair. Conditioner is applied right after hair wash and then rinsed, though there are also leave-in conditioners. Time required for application is also different. Conditioner works fast and can be rinsed after about 3-8 minutes. Hair mask needs a little more time to be absorbed. It is mostly applied for half an hour to 12 hours!

If you consider purchase of hair mask, remember about its properties. Hair conditioner works right away and temporarily improves appearance and condition of hair. However, hair mask will provide deep regeneration and nourishment for very damaged hair, but for its long term effects you have to wait to see.