DIY: Hair Masks

DIY: Hair Masks

In body care best part is that some cosmetics you can made yourself. It is similar with products dedicated for nourishment and regeneration of scalp and hair. Hair masks can in fact be made of anything you have at home, i.e. food, plants from your garden or natural semi-finished products available on the Internet.

Home-made hair masks are equally effective as those you can buy in shops. They regenerate, nourish and strengthen strands, calm inflammations of skin and help cure some diseases, e.g. dandruff. They improve hair condition, notwithstanding of the type, porosity and level of damage. They can be easily applied directly on scalp – home-made hair masks won’t weight them down or make them greasy.

Ingredients for hair mask, which you are going to prepare should match your hair type and their needs. You need to assess what is your biggest problem: hair loss, oily scalp, split ends, lack of gloss. Properties of hair mask can be supported with dietary supplements ingested during treatment, massage, change of washing cosmetics or method of washing. Causes of worsening of hair and scalp condition can be much deeper than you may think. Dry streaks, hair loss, improper work of sebaceous glands or dandruff can be an indicator of a very serious or just superficial problem. You can deal with difficult disease or your organism just lacks some vitamins. Cause of bad hair condition may be: hormonal disorder, stress, bad diet, alcohol abuse or cigarettes, wrong methods of conditioning, too aggressive cleansing washing product for scalp and many, many more. Part of them, you can resolve with use of home-made cosmetics. Below, you can find few recipes for hair masks.

Yoghurt hair mask. To make this hair mask, you will need: half of small natural yoghurt, one egg, banana, one table spoon of lemon juice (optional), one tea spoon of vitamin E and three drops of tea tree oil. Mix all ingredients and created this way mask apply on hair and scalp. After about 15 minutes, rinse cosmetic with warm water and delicate shampoo.

Hair mask for dry hair. Prepare following ingredients: one table spoon of olive oil, two tea spoons of raw honey, one tea spoon of buttermilk and one tea spoon of flour. Heat up olive oil and buttermilk for no longer than one minute. Then add flour, which should make whole mixture thicker and raw honey. Apply cosmetic on wet hair for 20 minutes.

Hair mask with paraffin and castor oil. To prepare this hair mask you will need ingredients such as: three table spoons of cosmetic paraffin, one table spoon of castor oil and three table spoons of your favourite conditioner. Mix all ingredients and apply it on wet hair. Wrap hair with a towel to create heat, which will accelerate absorption of nourishing ingredients. After about 30 minutes wash your hair with delicate shampoo and for the last rinse hair with use of lemon juice.