Is there any significant difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask?

Is there any significant difference between a hair conditioner and a hair mask?

Diversity of hair care products renders that without having broad knowledge, we can be unable to choose the appropriate treatment for our strands. Not many people can tell the difference between a hair conditioner, a hair balm and a hair mask. How to pick the most suitable product? This article is written to dispel all the doubts once and for all.

Somebody said once that a hair mask is an analogue of a healthy diet which supplies an organism with all the essential substances from the inside and has long-lasting action, whereas, a conditioner is like a temporary makeup which improves our look only for a short period of time.

Hair Conditioner – Short-Lived Care.

The main aim of each hair conditioner is to improve look of hair by making it smooth, glossy and protected against damages. Another key function of a hair conditioner is easing the process of combing. In most cases, this kind of a product contains silicones, which smooth strands almost in the nick of time and counteract damages caused by high temperatures. For the same reason, a hair conditioner should not be left on too long, to prevent weighting hair down. Without doubt, a hair conditioner has to match a particular hair type. On the other hand, this kind of a product has one big drawback that has to be pointed out. Its working is only temporary and very short-lived.

Hair Mask – Long-Lasting Nourishment.

Hair masks’ task is to nourish and moisture both scalp and hair deeply. As a consequence, this kind of action is expected to improve condition and look of hair – strands gain healthy radiance, softness, density and reinforcement. The point offer overlooked, hair masks have to be used systematically but outcome they produce is actually easy noticeable and long-standing. Furthermore, a regular hair mask has to be left on strands definitely longer than a hair conditioner. In most cases, 30 minutes is the shortest period of time that has to be devoted to one session of hair mask treatment. It is also worth mentioning that hair mask can help with fighting against hair ailments such a as dandruff, psoriasis, greying hair loss, etc.

Hair Conditioner VS. Hair Mask.

To conclude, these two cosmetics have a little bit different tasks to accomplish. To clarify, a hair conditioner has to be applied after every single shampooing to make combing easier (and in a case of having long hair – even possible). It makes hair smooth and detangled to help setting a hairdo afterwards. A hair mask in turn has got a kind of healing mission. If applied regularly, it makes hair strong. All things considered, in order to provide complex treatment to hair, we should apply both products. Only in this way, we can enjoy our hair being beautiful.