How should you use hair mask to see results?

How should you use hair mask to see results?

The adventure with hair care is a streak of trial and error. Even best hair masks will not be equally effective for everyone. You have to search for yourself what’s best for you. Application can also be performed on various ways. However, there are some universal techniques, which make hair masks work much more effectively.

If you want for hair mask to provide looked-for results, apply to those five simple rules, which will significantly boost its effectiveness and durability. You do not need any additional treatments, just a bit different method of application.

Firstly, comb hair after application

Hair, brushed with Tangle Teezer brush or wide-tooth comb can guarantee that product will be thoroughly administered on hair. This way mask’s ingredients can reach each individual hair. Remember only to comb wet hair really gently.

Secondly, apply hair mask on damp hair

Properties of hair masks are better if you apply it on damp hair. Damp means that hair are not soaking wet. Always before application of hair mask dry your hair a bit with a towel to avoid dilution of hair mask, because it can weaken its properties.

Thirdly, do not rinse hair mask with shampoo

Undeniably, mask should be applied before hair wash, though some people think differently. The argument of those people is that such treatment is pointless. Shampoo will rinse hair mask and its results. That maybe true if you wash the entire hair. After application of hair mask, use shampoo only on scalp.

Fourthly, do not forget about compress

You can enhance properties of hair mask only with high temperature. Hair cuticles will rise at its influence, and nourishing ingredients (e.g. proteins and some oils) will absorb faster and reach the deepest layers of hair. After application of hair mask, put on warm towel or plastic cap, which you can additionally heat up with blow dryer.

Fifthly, stick to the application time

Beside express hair masks, which can stay on hair shortly, every other hair mask needs time to actually work. Minimal time for hair mask is 20-30 minutes. Sometimes you can encounter articles where it is said that you can extend this time, but it is rather pointless to keep mask on for several hours.