Extremal smoothing: Gelatine Hair Lamination Technique.

Extremal smoothing: Gelatine Hair Lamination Technique.

Gelatine Hair Lamination is one of the newest beauty trends. Although it was not warm welcomed at the beginning, now, plenty of hair-lovers say ‘yes’ to this method of obtaining extremely smooth and glossy hair. As it turned out, despite the controversy created by Gelatine Hair Mask, this technique of hair beautification works wonders!

How does it work?

Hair Lamination might sound a little bit scary, since it may provoke thoughts of putting hair into paper laminating machines. Certainly, the name is misleading because Hair Lamination is nothing more but coating hair with a layer of a mask made of gelatine. This hair care treatment is named this particular way because for the lamination-like effect produced on strands once the procedure is over.

What are the benefits of Gelatine Hair Lamination Treatment?

Gelatine Hair Lamination Treatment is a pretty extremal hair procedure we can treat our hair with. Using a product that seems to be completely out of touch with haircare, we can produce surprisingly astonishing outcomes – just after the first session! After Gelatine Hair Lamination Treatment, hair becomes:

– extraordinarily shiny,
– silky smooth,
– easy to comb,
– visibly stronger,
– more resistant to damages.

What is needed for preparing Gelatine Hair Mask?

– 2 flat tablespoons of food gelatine,
– a half of a glass of hot water,
– 2 tablespoons of any hair conditioner.

Gelatine has to be dissolved in a glass of hot water. It is important to make the mixture completely clump free. Next, the gelatine has to be put aside to cool down, yet we have to be careful to do not let it get congeal. When the mixture is cold yet not set, it has to be mixed with a hair conditioner (most preferable with Kallos masks). Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply it to the total length of strands, omitting scalp. After that, put on a foil cap or a towel, warm up with a blow dryer and leave for approximately a half of an hour. At the end, remove the mask precisely using a delicate shampoo. It is extremely crucial to remove the mixture thoroughly because its restudies may clump hair together.